BOBCARD, formerly known as BOB Financial Solutions Limited, was established in the year 1994 with the aim to help people upgrade their lifestyles with uniquely crafted credit card solutions. A Non-Banking Financial Company and wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of Baroda, it has established itself as a pioneer in the space of credit cards. The Company's primary business deals with credit cards and merchant acquiring.


BOBCARD offers an array of consumer & commercial credit cards and caters to all segments of customers with varied needs, including but not limited to Everyday Shopping Cards, Travel Cards, Business Cards for large corporates as well as MSMEs. The company has exclusive credit cards for Defence Personnel including the Indian Army, Indian Navy, the Indian Coast Guard, Assam Rifles, professionals like ICAI, ICMAI & ICSI, co-branded cards with HPCL, Snapdeal, IRCTC, Premium Lifestyle cards like ETERNA, PREMIER, and more such exciting variants. BOBCARD's key differentiator is its easy-to-understand products that are fairly priced, efficiently serviced, and can easily be availed through the digital-all application process.

BOBCARD is also the merchant payment processing partner of Bank of Baroda merchant acquiring business.



Credit support can come as a complete solution to various financial hindrances that come along the way on leading a better lifestyle and more so in enabling passion & pursuits. "Credit Reimagined" is a conviction of a customer-centric, solution-driven assistance that assures service through innovation. It is a creative showcase of products and services that have been reimagined to suit the ever changing needs and preferences of everyone at BHARAT.

What Drives Us

At the heart of what we do are the core values that define the BOBCARD way of life.



Our customers are always at the center of everything we aim for.


Product Excellence

We constantly raise the bar of excellence with products that meet industry standards and go beyond.


Credit for Everyone

From newly sparked interests, to experts, and also those who struggle to get credit, we believe in curating something for everyone.

A unique representation of a universal symbol, our logo comprises of dual ‘B’ letterforms that hold the rays of the rising sun. We call this the Baroda Sun.


Why the sun? Being the single most powerful source of light and energy, the sun’s far-reaching rays dispel darkness to illuminate everything they touch. Similarly, we at BOBCARD seek to be the source of light through which stakeholders realize their goals, customers discover a reliable financial partner, and our employees find rewarding careers. And our logo's single-colour vermillion palette has been carefully selected to compliment with its distinct representation of hope and energy.


This Baroda Sun has been adopted from our parent brand identity and is incorporated to reflect the legacy and ethos on which the brand stands. It also is a fitting face for our brand as a universal symbol of dynamism and optimism. Thus, our corporate identity is a clear and strategically designed representation, which affirms that we are prepared for new business paradigms in a globalised world, while we continue to stay in touch with our heritage and the enduring relationships on which we are founded. 


Logo is designed using single-colour vermillion palette that has been carefully selected to compliment with its distinct representation of hope and energy. Overall, the design strikes a balance between tradition and a progressive outlook, symbolizing the brand's dedication to both its rich legacy and contemporary approach.

What Sets Us Apart


Our aspiration and ambition to reimagine credit card solutions for all and everyone.


Fully-digital payments & processes, including an easy 3-step application process.


A wide range of partners & franchisees from some of the best in the world.


Range of exclusive cards with expertly crafted features, benefits & rewards.


Always accessible for help & service with 24x7 customer support channels.

Step 1

Fill out an online form

Step 2

E-sign your application online using your Aadhaar

Step 3

Verify your identity via the Video KYC